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Orange County Filthy House Cleaning

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Orange County Filthy House Cleaning Narrative by Eddie Evans



My Orange County house cleaning business is not a typical cleaning business. Call any time. Expect to pay $40 per hour for a minimum of four hours cleaning. Yes, this is more than typical maid services charge, but typical maid services don't clean filthy houses.

Then, there's the Orange County biohazard cleanup companies that some people call for filthy house cleaning. They do not work for $40 per hour, ever.

Then there's me, Eddie Evans.


This fee includes chemicals and cleaning equipment. Anytime I must bring a generator along for, I must charge an additional $50 per day. I also charge for bringing water for cleaning.

I do not service clients for weekly cleaning or monthly cleaning. I suppose under some circumstances I might be led to consider such an arrangement, but overall, I do specialize cleaning for families and businesses in need of filthy housecleaning services.

My name is Eddie Evans and I do Orange County filthy house cleaning. Most often I work alone; on rare occassions I may bring help, but not often. This will alert the reader to the fact that very large filthy housecleaning projects will require me some time to complete compared to my competitors. However, I should point out that I have few competitors.

My Orange County competitors are in the infectious waste business and they are often known as biohazard cleanup practitioners; I too of a biohazard cleanup practitioner know my own business which is not as Biosafe. I do not charge biohazard cleanup fees when cleaning for a filthy housecleaning project.

To hire a Orange County biohazard cleanup practitioner cost over $100 per hour easy. In most instances, it's difficult to hire a single biohazard cleanup practitioner to clean the filthy house. Usually the boss wants more than two employees along for the trip and he or she will itemize everything they can get their hands on to itemize.

So what does it mean to hire a Orange County biohazard cleanup company clean filthy house?

It means that when you hire me you got a pretty good idea of what you gonna get done what it's going to cost. When you hire one of my practitioners that are doing business as a biohazard cleanup company, you can expect to spend five to $10 more for every dollar that I would have charged. But when it comes to time, and you are in a big hurry, then you might want to hire one of my competitors.

When you have a little time you may want to consider might fill the house cleanup service because I offer some options. Eventually a filthy house is no longer a filthy house is clean and progresses.; This does not mean that I will reduce my rates when we pass that line between a Orange Countyfilthy house and a dirty house, it just means that you may wish to take over for yourself or one of your loved ones in need of filthy housecleaning services. I offer this service to help families take over. I simply get them started by getting the worst aspects of filthy housecleaning out of the way.

I can charge by the hour or by the job. I prefer to charge by the hour and do the cleaning alone. In this way I have full control over the entire cleaning process and personal belongings of residents. I do not care to have helpers, employees, in the cleaning business because of theft and poor hygiene practices among helpers. After 18 years in the business I have learned quite a bit.

Cleaning Prices

I either offer a "bid," which means that I offer a flat fee for large filthy house cleanup jobs. If I work by the hour, I work for a day or two at the most. Large filthy house cleanup jobs usually involve horading cleanup as well as gross filth cleanup. Typically, feces moves a building from "real dirty" to "filthy." Feces also goes by the terms gross filth and infectious waste.

Because I clean "filthy houses," otherwise known as filthy house cleanup, I must charge a service fee of $250, which includes up to one hour of labor. After the first hour, I charge $40 per hour for a minimum of four hours, after the first hour of work. If I need to return the following day, I wave the service fee.

I work four and up to six hours. This includes cleaning supplies and tools. It does not include water or power when required. (vacant homes sometimes require such.) A genuinely filthy house is not the same as a dirty hour.

We all live in dirty houses; even the Koch Brothers and Bill Gates live in dirty houses; only NASA and computer electronics manufactures have "clean rooms."  Take this to mean that as used on this housecleaning website, "dirt" means something our stuff out of place.

Most often when callers reach me it's because they called the maid services in the main services won't service their housecleaning needs. It's because they have too much dirt or felt in the maid services sometimes will not even enter a room or even a house because of the dirt and filth contamination.

I point out over and over again that there's a point at which we can define a Orange County filthy house from a dirty house by adding feces and/or garbage to a dirty house. It's the addition of feces and garbage that set off the tripwire, then.

So a dirty house is relative to a little dirty, dirty, conspicuoulsly dirty, and real dirty. It's when garbage and or feces enter the building that a dirty house becomes a filthy house.

Feces (poop) cleanup begins with a minimum $250 for the first hour. I often ignore additional time up to ten of fifteen minutes. See "conditions" below for other considerations; incontinence cleanup often requires a few minutes beyond one hour.

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Filthy House Defined

I'm saying that an entire house may not qualify as filthy. Some rooms may pass as dirty in most definitions of a dirty house. For example, I live in a dirty house because I work many hours as does my wife. We have 4 cats and 1 dog and keeping up with animal hair and their actions takes a lot of time and work. We must have pets, in any case, so we've choosen to live in a dirty house with pets rather than live in a clean house without pets.

It takes a full-time house keeper to maintain a qualified "clean house" when occupied by people involved in life's many activities. I know that my wife and I have not lived in a clean house in many years. We do not suffer from it. We basically choose to ignore dust and mild grease stains for a while. Then we clean them up as we can.

A clean house with a carpet receives vacuuming at least every other day. The kitchen and bathroom floors receive sweeping every day and mopping once or twice a week as needed. Dirty dishes do not pile up for washing later in the day or the next day. A clean house may have an odor, but it will not signify contaminating cooking greases, dirty clothing, or unkept furniture.

A bathroom qualifies as a clean restroom without a lot of care, but it must have care or slowly slide into a dirty and then filthy toilet area. Daily cleaning of a shower surpasses the working family's time needs. Weekly cleaning usually does not; it takes time and without a commitment to cleaning a shower once a week a shower becomes dirty rather quickly.

So from a stage one level of cleanliness to a stage 3, our showers slowly degrade.

This occurs at a lower stage once cleaning and remains until soiled and left unkept. Usually reaching a "clean" designation for a bathroom requires scrubbing the bathtub, walls, cabinet, toilet, entire floor, and cleaning the door and window. Of course the door handle and window fixture receive cleaning and disinfection as well.

It's the bathroom or bathrooms that often give the filthy house its "filth" title because of human and nonhuman fecal matter. Many filthy houses have litter boxes in their bathrooms and these do not receive enough care. Soon feces and cat litter pile up and begins to pour over the sides of cat boxes.

By the time cat boxes get out of hand we find that the filthy home owners have gone beyond a point of no return; at least, filthy house conditions overcome the residents and this leads to seeking a professional cleaning like myself.


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Three Cleaning Stages

Filthy house cleaning takes place in three stages, "tiers one, two, and three" if you prefer. Stage one remove debris, "solid waste." Stage two begins reorganizing furniture and belongings. Stage three begins clearing in earnest. A filthy house remains a filthy until certain rooms receive a basic move out, disinfecting, scrub and rinse, and then another disinfecting.

Stopped in the bathroom is the scene of filth because of human and pet feces. Sometimes the kitchen will also be filthy because of garbage scattered about the kitchen floor or perhaps in the corners of the kitchen sink.

The idea of porting comes to mind and fill the housecleaning because often times a filthy house is the scene of wording. Perhaps the order has started hoarding in the last year or two in our paper bags scattered about the house. Or, possibly the harder has been hoarding for 20 to 30 years and in such cases my services for moving out solid waste will become necessary. The only way to get around hoarding cleanup in a filthy house besides paying me to haul off the ways, is the place of dumpster in the front yard or on a driveway facing the house, the owner pays for the dumpster.

When a dumpster becomes necessary for hoarding cleanup, and I've been hired to do the work, the waste is not moved out the house in the early stages of work. This is because once the dumpster arrives, the clock is ticking. So I prefer to move all the solid waste from the residence in 1 to 2 days. On very large jobs when nobody is home and the residence and I have time to work with, I will move some of the solid waste to the dumpster quickly. There is a problem with placing a dumpster in front of a residence, though. Sometimes passerby traffic decides to leave their yard waste or their own solid waste in the dumpster. This is especially true when construction crews are working in the area. Once they spotted an open dumpster, the may begin to use it. Hence, some discretion must be used when ordering a dumpster.

Of course, when hiring a "crew" for a hoarding cleanup that may involve a filthy housecleaning, the dumpster issue is not suppressing. There have been times in the past when I've used a crew. But these days I prefer to work alone. So keep this in mind.


My Prices


Sometimes I set a flat fee for a filthy house cleanup. Other times I charge a $250 services, and my service fee includes up to one hour of labor. After the first hour, my cleaning price charge ranges between $40 to $50 per hour.

I do not charge for cleaning solutions and cleaning tools and equipent in general; however, if I must bring water and a generator, count on spending $50 per day for the generator. I cover the cost for 5 33 gallon plastic construction bags. After the 5 bags I must begin charging fifty-cents per bag.

It's the same for hoarding cleanup. I must also charge for hauling wast material to a local land fill.

Keep in mind that I work to put myself out of work. So long as I receive payment for a minimum of 4 hours work I will work for you. At some point you will want to begin cleaning to save money and that's what I'm about, getting you to a felling of release from the overwhelming conditions of your house cleaning needs. I understand and it's OK to end my work on the first or tenth day.


I work 4 to 6 hours a day, and rarely do I work more than 6 hours. Any time a professional cleaner works more than 6 hours on a filthy house cleanup they're energy has reached near bottom. For an analogy, think of carpet cleaners. Would you rather hire a carpet cleaner early in the day or later in the day. Right, early in the day a capet cleaner remains rested and ready to work. After cleaning one home's carpet their energy reserves are down and going down faster. It works the same with filthy house cleaners.


Also visit my other other filthy house cleanup web pages for even more information.

Who Hires a Filthy House Cleaning Business?

Over the years I've been hired by individual house owners, house renters, children and siblings of house owners, and businesses related to real estate and construction companies. In the case of family healthy housecleaning work, it's usually the children of disabled parents that hire me for filthy housecleaning services.Sometimes they are not even in California and I never set eyes on them. They will call for a parent, usually a mother whose disabled physically, mentally, or both. They will pay me by my PayPal account. Or, the occupying parent will pay. In cases when the family is in the area and can visit the home in need of cleaning, I prefer to accept cash. On some occasions I will give a small discount for cash payment.

I have had a high percentage of cleaning customers who just simply wanted to get the work started and then took over once the "worse cleaning" was completed. In such cases I'm happy to give advice and do what I can to help them along in the cleaning process.

Actually, I prefer to clean alone in a vacant house and this is when construction companies and real estate company cleaning agreements catch my fancy. I do not object to having residence in the home, but it's hard to do the work because of lifting, moving, and working around residents who may be moving around the building. Pets are a special nuisance especially when they try to get outdoors.

Because I do biohazard cleanup following homicides, suicides, and unattended death, I have been called on occasion to do a death cleanup and then complete a filthy house cleanup as well. Sometimes I can give a client in very good price on the situation. I know my prices are far much better than my competitors prices.

The death cleanup cleaning following an unattended death cleanup, for instance, becomes part of an overall cleaning process. As a result I can delay some of the cleaning for the unattended death cleanup for more than a day at times. This helps me fight holders that otherwise I wouldn't be able to fight. Dealing with these odors requires more than scrubbing, rinsing, and disinfecting. They require sealing a once blood and potentially infectious waste material (OPIM) scene.

I can keep windows and doors open while working without risk of letting pets outdoors. I do not need to offend residents by moving materials around as I clean. And just simply works out better when I'm alone.

When there's a single resident in a house is not such a big deal. The when the resident has a mental health issue becomes a problem when they insist on getting in the way. The less I talked the more I clean, put another way. And often times with the elderly, for example, to fill a need to communicate because they haven't socialized in a while. And this is in fact why we have so many unintended deaths in the United States. Because we value our independence, we tend to choose to live alone as we get older. And because women are the usual survivor in many marriages, they are the ones that live alone and I and unattended death.


I Start in Bathrooms

Filthy house cleaning usually requires a lot of water and the best place to get that water is in the bathroom because of the bathtub. So I prefer to start cleaning in the bathroom. I may not complete cleaning the bathroom in the first hour of cleaning, but I will get a good deal of cleaning done. Then his work throughout the house progresses I collect my water and I may stop long enough to do a little cleaning the bathroom.

Why not just complete the bathroom cleaning to begin with?

It's best to change muscle groups from time to time when doing filthy housecleaning. This type a clean requires a lot of standing, lifting, moving, and power scrubbing by hand to remove grease and dirt. This is especially so in a bathtub. It's easy to get caught up in a bathroom because of the bathtub and shower enclosure. It's easy to spend one or two hours alone in the bathroom shower and bathtub area because of film from body oils and so residue. So it's better to gauge progress to work without spending an inordinate amount of time cleaning the shower stall area. As work progresses then it becomes possible to get a better idea of just how much effort and time should be spent on the bathtub and shower.

Bathroom floor, the bathroom walls, and the toilet will usually cleanup fairly quickly, all things considered. When is a lot of residue from feces and urine on a toilet, then there is additional labor required. At times, especially when real estate issues are involved, the toilet should be removed. I do toilet removal for an additional fee, but I do not replace toilets because I'm not a plumber. Incidentally, I have a small sewage cleanup business as well as a filthy house cleaning business.

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For large cleaning jobs requiring many hours of work, I can range longer hours so long as I can take breaks more often. Usually this approach works best when a house is been abandoned or otherwise left unattended. Most often when this arrangement occurs it's because I'm doing business with a real estate company or construction company. I have used this arrangement in many states over the years.

I prefer cash. I do not like to take checks, although I will take a check with a cash down payment. I accept debit cards and credit cards through Paypal. I can email directions before filthy house cleanup begins in Orange County. In such cases, customers make a "qualifying payment" of $50, which goes toward the overall cleaning fee. I'm sorry that I have to do business this way, but it's the cost of doing business, and I'm always at risk of losing money. Sadly, history is prologue.

A feces cleanup task automatically brings invokes my $250 service fee, which MAY include up to one hour of labor. This does not mean that I will work up to one hour if not needed.