Lakewood History




Lakewood, California moved into the world of single-family residences in a monumental manner. Following the World War II assembly-line manufacturing model, "Taylorism," Lakewood grew to house tens of thousand of residents; at about this same time Weschester also came into being as a "bedroom" community. The San Fernando Valley took wings and grew in the same fashion. Southern California became a housing developers dream.


Like so many other areas in the Los Angeles basin, including Orange County, homes grew quickly on top of soil once used for raising crops or grazing live stock. Lakewood served the farming community, which came to profit from the great housing boom created by a population growth created by the war veterans returning and remaining in the Lakewood area.


Lakewood served as a terrific place to raise a family because of its manufacturing base and pleasant climate. Of course the GI Bill made home buying an important consideration as well. With a small down payment young families moved into their homes with the US Government standing behind their bank loans. Next to the power of Douglas Aircraft manufacturing in nearby Long Beach, Lakewood quickly became a dream location for many thousand of veterans.